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Rules and Regulation

  • Every Student must possess the school diary which must be brought to school daily
  • In all working days students must wear the school uniform, Exemption to the wearing of uniform may be made on birthday of the student or on the occasions specified by the Principal
  • Student should be inside the school campus at the stroke of 8.50 a.m
  • Students are responsible for the custody of their books and belongings
  • Students are not allowed to wear gold ornaments or jewellery of any kind in the interest of their safety.
  • Students are expected to be clean and tidy with their personal dress, books and belongings
  • If a student is absent for 5 continuous days without prior intimations to the school his/ her name will be removed from the roll. On the re – admission a penalty of Rs. 50/- will be collected.
  • Permission to go home during school hours for any valid reason is to be obtained from the principal on production of a written request from the parent.
  • Students must keep the school premises clean and tidy. Students found scribbling on the school walls disfiguring the schools furniture or causing any damages to the school property will be severely punished.
  • Students must speak only in English in the school premises.
  • Students are not answerable to the school for their behavior else were.

  • Parents are expected to co- operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularly, punctuality and discipline and by taking interest in the children’s progress. They should check the diary daily and take note of the homework given and see that the home works is done before they are sent to school the next day.
  • Report which is sent to the parents from time to time should be duly signed, taken note of and return to the school promptly.
  • Parents are not allowed to see their children or interview the teachers during the school hours.